GHNU-26 Mio Ichijyo – Evil female executive hero fall Plutarch Hiruba


Asad, the leader of the Meibutsuken Jamon, is determined to destroy Riser 5. Hiruba, the female leader who adores him dearly, challenges Riser Red to a fight to take credit for his victory, and she tries to decide the match with her overwhelming strength, but unlike Hiruba, who is a corpse with a soul, Red, who is still alive, explodes with fighting spirit at the last moment and damages Hiruba. Assad is fascinated by the radiance of Red’s life, and Hilba, jealous and impatient, shows her brutal nature to trample Red thoroughly and cold-bloodedly! Not only does he beat Red, but he also sexually assaults him, raping him with a technique called the “Law of Inhalation” and drawing his life force into his body through his sexual organs! Hiruba breaks Red’s pride again and again and again, and he falls! The true nature of the ruthless and powerful female executive is unleashed!

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