GHNU-25 Haru Yamaguchi – Brucella Striker The chairperson is a superheroine.


A heroine of justice, a brucelliste striker, dashingly appears in a big city infested with criminal activities. Her true identity is Maki Asae, the class president. One day, Blue Cellastriker rescues her classmate Kento Miki, who was being held captive by evil terrorists. Kent is captivated by the sight of Blue Cellastriker fighting evil. On his way home from school, Maki passes by Kent, who is looking for his tablet, which has been hidden by bullies. Maki finds Kent’s tablet, but on the screen is Brucella Striker. Kent tries to ask Maki for more information, but Maki is ordered to take out a drug ring. After eliminating the drug ring, the brucellist striker takes off his costume in an empty alley and reverts to the form of Maki Asae. However, Kent catches her in the act. When Kent discovers that the brucellistriker is the class chairman, he quietly expresses his anger as well as his despair at being betrayed by the heroine of his dreams. The next day, Maki is summoned to an empty classroom after school. Kent, who knows his secret, asks Maki, “If you don’t want your true identity revealed, you understand, don’t you? Kent, who knows her secret, orders Maki to change into a Brucella Striker costume right in front of him. Reluctantly, Maki changes into the Brucella Striker costume. Kent’s warped desires are then directed at the brucellistriker….

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