GHNU-16 Nagi Mamiya – Hodama Sentai Luminous X: Re Luminous Yellow Repeated Humiliation


Sayaka Mitsumune, a.k.a. Luminous Yellow, a member of the Luminous X squadron, is investigating the abduction of a woman by the evil organization Death Gandalla. She disguises herself and uses herself as bait to lure out a Death Gandara fighter, and tries to find out the whereabouts of the woman from the defeated fighter, but the fighter is killed by the monster. Sayaka transforms into Luminous Yellow and fights the monster. According to the monster, the kidnapping of the women was planned by the new general of Desgandara, Delieu, who kidnaps women for his own pleasure. Sayaka, who has been attacked by a stranger in the past, is determined to defeat him. Sayaka rushes to the place where Desgandara is said to have appeared again. There she meets the ringleader of the incident, General De Ryu. Sayaka is shocked when she sees his face. To her surprise, De Ryu was actually a criminal named Ryuji Tekawa, who had attacked Sayaka in the past. Sayaka is furious and attacks De Ryuji. However, all of her attacks are dodged and she is finally captured. Then, the evil hand of De Ryuji approaches to play with Sayaka’s body again…

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