GHNU-15 Arisu Toyonaka, Mai Miori, Hotaru Mori – The Three Sisters of the Demon Kunoichi: Complete Defeat by Shinobi Red


The three demon Kunoichi sisters attack Shinobi Red. Byakko, the second sister, takes the lead in attacking Shinobi Red. However, they are driven back by the power of Shinobi Red. Shinobi Red tries to deliver the final blow. But for some reason, she stops her attack, turns away from the white tiger, and is flustered. The white tiger sees himself and realizes Shinobi Red’s weakness. The white tiger attacks Shinobi Red by exploiting his weak point, and he tortures Red’s crotch. By the white tiger, Red’s crotch is covered with a cloud of white fluid. However, Shinobi Red manages to defeat the white tiger with his special swordsmanship… Then, the next assassin “Blue Dragon” attacks Shinobi Red! What will be the fate of Shinobi Red?

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