GHNU-14 Suwan Shiratori – Super Soft Body Acrobatic Sex Hell Science Bird Squad Swan Fighter


Swan Fighter Shirotori Miya’s disadvantage in combat ability was her inflexibility… When the monster of the evil organization Galagoon found out about it, she was captured and tortured in a hell of leg opening. She was captured and subjected to a hell of leg-opening. The pain continues as aphrodisiacs are applied to her pubic area. However, she grabbed the once-in-a-lifetime chance to break free and fought again. Ironically, the leg-opening hell has made her more flexible, and she is able to defeat her enemy with her kicks, but her joy is short-lived as the after-effects of the aphrodisiac hit her. However, her joy is short-lived as the after-effects of the aphrodisiacs take their toll on her. Caught again, Swanfighter Shirotori Miya is tortured with the leg-opening hell apparatus until she is sexually devastated and her beauty is wrecked.

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