GHNU-13 Natsuki Takeuchi, Ayaka Mochiduki – Zoku Evil Organization Reconstruction Project: Seishin Sentai Kageranger Female Executive Flavine Hen


Kageblu, which once hunted down the evil organization Gaos, has been corrupted by its leader Gambur and the evil woman Diane. Meanwhile, the Kage Rangers, who appointed trainee Nanase Nonami as the second Kage Blue, strike back at once and drive Gaos to the brink of destruction! The first Kageblu, now the villainess Flavine, burns the flames of revenge against the second Kageblu and challenges it to a battle, but is it on the verge of defeat? However, with the help of Gambourg, she succeeds in capturing Kageblu! Flavine wants to get rid of Kageblu right away, but Gambour makes her lose her sense of justice by torturing her and resurrecting her with Diane’s soul! Thus begins the pleasure hell that once again leads Kageblu to evil!

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