GHNU-11 Akari Niimura – Holy Beast God Great Gazer: Awakening of the Super Ancient Robot


Ruka Shiranui, a member of the National Defense Force who transforms into Gazer Phoenix to fight the Inzider aliens who target Earth’s resources, is ordered by the Secretary of Defense to escort an ancient robot that is being excavated. When she arrives at the excavation site, a mysterious man appears before her, accompanied by an Inzider fighter. In fact, he is Olga, a super-ancient robot mimicking a human! Ruka, who has a heart-to-heart with Olga who protected her in a pinch, decides to hide him, who is destined to be dismantled and studied even if he is handed over to the National Defense Force, not to mention the Inziders…. However, both the Defense Forces and the Inziders are after him, and Ruka, who is being hunted down, has a shocking revelation…. Olga was a weapon created for the purpose of exterminating intelligent life on Earth and eliminating the Great Gazer! The Gazer Phoenix is now back from the dead, and its merciless attack on the Gazer Phoenix is unleashed!

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