GHNU-08 Nanako Miyamura – Remnant Combatants: The Great Revival of the Evil Organization – Rishihen


A fighter in the evil organization “Disappear,” which aims for world domination…a rookie. Today, he is again subjected to unreasonable treatment by the executives. The rookie is depressed, but a window fighter, called “Oyasan” by everyone, appears and listens to his complaints. At that moment, the Secure Rangers raid the Disappear headquarters! The fighters go into action, but they are defeated by Secure Ranger #3, and the evil organization Disper is finally destroyed…. A month later, the surviving rookie tries to work earnestly for a living, but no one will hire a former member of the evil organization… The rookie drinks himself to death…. Before him, to his surprise, his fellow fighters who survived the war are there…. All of them were suffering from the same situation as the rookie…. The remnants of the fighters, who have no hope for the future. We may be the kind of people who can’t face the world. But we were just chasing our dream of world domination! We got in the way of that, we gave up on our dreams and …… and now we’re being smoked out of society. What the hell am I supposed to do!” At that moment, the rookie makes a suggestion to everyone: “Hey, guys. Instead of being called scum of society, why don’t you try chasing your dream again… the dream of world domination!” The fighters cannot hide their surprise. Will the remaining fighters be able to revive the evil organization and fulfill their dream of world domination?

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