GHNU-06 Shiori Kuraki – Fighting Heroine Street of Death: A Festival of Humiliation


Shizuku is an investigator with the Mexican branch of the CAT and a master of Kempo. One day, she visits Augustus in pursuit of an international criminal, Poison Dragon… but the town has been taken over by a street gang called Herdamians, and the adults have been slaughtered. Shizuku rescues an old man who is being attacked by the Heldamians and is told of the tragedy that has occurred in the town. All the adults had been executed in retaliation for the boys killed in human experimentation! Shizuku swears to the old man that she will defeat the poisonous dragon, but Herdamian plans to use the old man as bait to inflict a humiliating sanction on Shizuku…

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