GHNU-03 Mitsuki Nagisa – Magical beautiful girl mask Fontaine – Fake Fontaine’s magic trap


Before Fontaine, the beautiful heroine of love and justice, a great witch who calls herself the fake Fontaine appears! She attacks Fontaine with the intention of choking out the real one and impersonating Fontaine herself! Fontaine escapes in the nick of time and disguises himself as a boy to hide himself. He is a breathtakingly beautiful boy. The great witch is unaware of his true identity, and is attracted by his beauty and confesses her love to him, but she is rejected. But when she finds out that it is Fontaine, the great witch’s anger reaches its peak…! The two fight again. Fontaine is defeated by the fake Fontaine, who is now stronger than she is after being drained of her sacred energy, and Fontaine is sexually attacked by a demon! Fontaine finally decays in a series of orgasms.

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