GHMT-58 Tsukino Okawa, Kayo Iwasawa – Heroine Poison Hell Miss Grace


The five members of Battle Future F, who had been fighting against the evil organization Delos, scattered around the world when Delos began committing terrorist acts in various parts of the world. Delos, who wants to defeat the interfering Battle Future F, plans to target Miss Grace, who remains alone in Japan, to expose her true identity and capture her, and to get information about the other four. Miss Grace, who has been single-handedly defeating the Delos monsters so far, is damaged by the onslaught of the poisonous monster army. She manages to escape and attempts to return to the base in her untransformed Hibiki Arisa form, but is discovered by the poison monsters, who assume that she is Miss Grace because of her poisonous smell, and attack her. Alisa, unable to transform in front of her enemies, continues to endure, but then Queen Sibyllea, the Queen of Delos, appears…

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