GHMT-57 Akari Niimura – Evil female bouncer Hero’s fall Shakuhatayu VS Flash Bishit Pleasure sun stop hell


Shakuhatayu, a bouncer for the Tiger Party that controls the town, attacks the mayor! But then Hayami Ren, a drifter of justice, appears. Ren is caught in an explosion caused by Shakuhatayu’s attack, but Shakuhatayu is completely defeated by a hero named Flash Bishit who appears instead… Shakuhatayu, being punished by the Tiger Party, vows revenge against Bishit! Using himself as bait, he lures Hayami into a trap and captures her, but she begins to sexually assault Hayami, who refuses to open up under pain! Except! It’s a hell of a shizukuri where she never lets him fire! The devilish torture continues with the ruthless eyes and wicked smile of the shakuhachi tayu, who uses his hands, mouth, shakuhachi… and pussy to keep Hayami on the edge!

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