GHMT-54 Hikaru Konno – Shinobi Cosplayers


Mari Shirasaki is usually a beautiful schoolgirl. Although she keeps a low profile in her life, she is often noticed because of her beauty. However, in fact, she was commissioned by a secret organization to avenge the evils of the world. One day, she receives an order to eliminate Shusuke Kuroiwa, the head of Inferno, an evil organization that controls the underworld of Augustus. Mari immediately heads for Inferno’s drug manufacturing plant, where she uses her special ability to disguise herself as a factory worker, and manages to break in, only to find herself in a fight to rescue a worker who has been seriously beaten up by a combatant. Mari then identifies Kuroiwa’s lab with the help of the workers and tries to break in disguised as a researcher, but is suspected by the fighters and subjected to a humiliating physical examination. Mari manages to get to Kuroiwa’s lab, but the workers are taken hostage and she falls to Kuroiwa…

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