GHMT-52 Erena Takeda – Heroine fainting fall Sailor Alice, Beautiful Soldier Alice


Sailor Alice was usually a shrine maiden, exterminating demons. Then one day, workers at a chemical factory are attacked by combatants. Sailor Alice manages to wipe out the combatants after a deadly battle, but the demons appear just as Sailor Alice’s energy is depleted. The demon unilaterally attacks Alice, whose combat power has been depleted, and causes her to faint. The demons succeed in capturing Alice and bring her back to their hideout where they humiliate her. The workers, seeing this, are overcome by the demon and attack Alice, who has fainted and lost consciousness… Alice wakes up, escapes from the prison, rescues the workers, and escapes, not knowing that she has done so. However, a fighter appears and shoots Alice with an anesthetic gun. Alice faints and is humiliated by the combatants…

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