GHMT-51 Sara Ito – Beautiful Witch Mask Alafontaine


Yuka has been fighting as Fontaine, a righteous warrior who uses magic to protect the town of Kaminashi. Her body is so beautiful that even demons are charmed by her fresh and glamorous body. Her loneliness grows day by day in the absence of her husband, whose work leaves him unable to take care of the family…. In addition, her husband feels responsible for her failure at work and disappears! With the support of her colleague Nishioka, Yuka desperately searches for him. Yuka is desperately searching for him with the support of his colleague, Nishioka, who is doing his best to support her, and she finds herself comforting her lonely body while thinking of him. However, her nemesis, Deerbill, sees through her deepest feelings, and she loses her magical powers because of her lecherous heart…! Her body, which has been neglected for a long time, craves pleasure, and Diavil brings her to her “first climax” in a spectacular manner… The pleasure that has been imprinted on her ripe body knows no bounds… She wavers between her pure and righteous heart that loves her husband and her desire for the pleasure of climaxing! What will happen to the super-sensitive beautiful witch heroine….

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