GHMT-50 Hinako Sasaki – Tentacle Cross Hell 6: Galactic Special Search Shester


Space Detective Shester, an agent of the Galactic Special Investigations Agency, is fighting against the Zot Empire, which is targeting Earth, along with Ally. After being defeated by Space Detective Shester, Commander Hetter gives the illusory beast Net-Neto a magical makeover, transforming it into the tentacled life form Net-Neto. Shester is swallowed by the tentacle life form, his suit is destroyed by ・・・・ dissolving fluid, and he is raped by the tentacles and injected with his seed while still in his suit. In an attempt to make her realize her complete defeat, Shester is raped hole by hole, while she is still in the tentacle crucifix. And the mournful cries of Shester, doomed to be fucked in the tentacle life form Neto Neto, echo from the monitors of the Galactic Special Investigations.

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