GHMT-44 Mao Hamasaki – Heroine Auction Kaito Brilliant Cat – Defeated Heroine Buyer of Darkness


Brilliant Cat (Asuka Nekomiya), a thief, is the princess of a small island nation. She hides her identity and works as a reporter for a publishing company to expose the injustice in the world, while transforming herself into the righteous thief Brilliant Cat at night to steal the money and goods hidden by the crooks and give them to the poor. One day, he is caught in a dark broker’s trap, detained, and put up for auction. In a fierce bidding war, she is outbid by Shusuke Kuroiwa, the boss of Inferno, who has been avenging her past theft of Brilliant Cat’s hidden assets. Kuroiwa takes his time playing with the hated Brilliant Cat, who has been trained to switch between cocky and slutty modes…

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