GHMT-43 Arisa Kawasaki – Heroine Nurseryization Science Bird Fighter, Bird White version


Bird White and his companion Bird Black go to the scene of a series of disappearances of women. Splitting into two groups, White and his friends search for the cause of the disappearances. At that time, an unidentified monster appears in front of White. White tries to communicate with Black, but for some reason he is unable to do so because of all the noise. “No way, it’s a jamming signal…? White is forced to fight alone. He is forced to fight the monster back and forth… but then another monster appears! Driven into a corner, White flees the scene to join Black. However, more monsters appear in pursuit of White…. More monsters appear, and White finds himself in captivity. White finds himself in a strange place… and is restrained by a suspicious object. He tries to escape, but is unable to do so. At that moment, the mysterious object begins to move… What will be the fate of the Scientific Bird Squad Bird White?

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