GHMT-39 Mio Ichijyo, Rui Hiduki – Emergency Squadron Emergency Pink – Fall of the Evil Beautiful Boy Executive


Atsumi Tachiki, a.k.a. Emergeny Pink, the red star of EMERGENCY 5, fights against the Yakuza clan that is trying to destroy the earth, and meets Salamandia, a new leader of the Yakuza clan. While fighting Salamandia, who has the appearance of a beautiful boy and does not look like a member of the Yakuza clan, Atsumi notices that Salamandia has a pure and kind heart that could be described as naive, and tries to teach her love and lead her to stop fighting between humans and Yakuza. Atsumi teaches Salamandia how good it feels to be a human woman. However, Salamandia refuses to accept it and turns herself into a monster. Atsumi is hurt, but she believes in Salamandia’s heart and desperately tries to appeal to her without fighting. Will Atsumi’s feelings reach Salamandia?

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