GHMT-38 Yukine Sakuragi, Naoko Oosako – Heroine Concentration Attack Denshi Sentai Chargeman Onslaught! Mahames Three Military Gods


The five Chargemen head off to investigate a falling object from space. Mermaid is separated from the four when she is attacked by the three Mahamesi war gods, Guzan, Devun, and Jarrah. Mermaid tries to return to the base, but is attacked by the monstrous Devun, who destroys her communication device. Asuka Shiranami manages to escape from the Devens’ onslaught, untransforms herself, and heads for the base, only to be attacked and tormented by Jarrah, who uses her hair as a weapon. Asuka escapes from Jarrah with wounds all over her body, but is confronted by Guzan, the leader of the three military gods. Asuka is wounded by Guzan and by Deven and Jarrah, who have joined forces with her, and is at an absolute disadvantage in the three-on-one battle, but she does not give up on victory and uses all her strength to defeat the Three Gods of War. However, Mahames appears before Mermaid, who has used up all her strength, and attacks her with overwhelming power.

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