GHMT-37 Ayaka Mochiduki, Kotori Aragaki – Empress Diane, Evil Organization Reconstruction Project, Saint Ninja Sentai Kageranger


Diane, the female executive, was cornered by Kageburu MIKAGE Aoi, and there was nothing left to do… and finally, she was killed by Kageburu’s special move! Miraculously, however, Diane survived, but what she saw was the image of Gaos, an evil organization that had been destroyed. The female leader, who had everything trampled on and stolen from her by the Seinin Sentai Kageranger, begins her revenge of anger and hatred! Diane, the female cadre, empowered by her suffering, attacks Kageblu! The overwhelming strength of Kagebrue frightens her so much that she faints from the sight of the white of her eyes. The female executive Diane, revived by the power of Diane, makes Kageblu fall and shakes it……. Diane trains Kageblu to become an evil warrior and turns her into her servant. As the Empress Diane, she completely restores the evil organization Gaos!

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