GHMT-30 Akari Niimura – Hexenbiest Hunter Milica


Milica, a mysterious and beautiful woman who hunts magical beasts, the natural enemy of mankind, without hesitation. She throws herself into this dangerous and harsh mission for the sake of her dear teacher…. Meanwhile, Anubis, the most intelligent and unique of all the demonic beasts, has given power to a lower class of demonic beasts and is now after Milica! And Milica, upset at being called her brother’s avenger by the dim-witted but human-speaking beast, is caught in the nick of time and is ensnared by its tentacles! A hexenbiest can speak? A hexenbiest has a brother? Milica is raped in her mouth and pussy by the unidentified creature she has been hunting…. And more suffering awaits her to find out the whereabouts of her teacher by Anubis who appears.

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