GHMT-29 Hana Misora – Radio wave beautiful girl beagle Three perverted magical beastmen trap


Sayuri Misaka, a beautiful rider, had her dear brother killed. Her enemies are the three demon beastmen who are plotting to overthrow the world. They try to make Sayuri Misaka their fourth demon warrior, but she escapes before they can brainwash her. Sayuri Misaka transforms into a beautiful radio girl beagle and continues to fight evil. However, her traitorous body is implanted with a physical radio wave vibration device. The sudden attack of vibrations causes Beagle to faints in agony. Then the perverted sexual plunge to make her the fourth demon warrior is executed. Beagle is driven mad by the intense sex of the three perverted demon warriors. The three demon warriors execute Beagle, who still refuses to become one of them.

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