GHMT-28 Sara Kagami – Holy Angel Wedding Witch – I’ll fight even the devil’s traps!


At the command of the Goddess, the Holy Angel Wedding Witch battles demons! A beautiful girl, Sarah Hanasaki, once transformed into a Bride Wizard and endured suffering to store up holy energy so that she could fully transform into a Wedding Witch. She transforms into the Wedding Witch and defeats the demons with her strongest magical battle techniques, but the Demon General Devers tries to defeat the Wedding Witch using his strongest magical beast. In the middle of the battle, a demon butterfly bites the beautiful leg, sucking its energy and plunging it into the Wedding Witch! The Devil General Devers, mesmerized by the Wedding Witch’s beauty, begins to torture her in order to steal the Goddess’ treasure from her. The Wedding Witch blushes in agony and repeatedly climaxes in orgasm… What will be the outcome of the battle for the Holy Angel Wedding Witch…!

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