GHMT-22 Shiori Kuraki – Tina, the beautiful fighter, humiliation, ascension, and submission hell


Gilneo, the man who controls the backroom organization…and Tina, who is searching for his whereabouts in order to defeat him… Gilneo’s men appear before her. Tina defeats them with her hand-to-hand combat techniques. She tries to find out Girneo’s whereabouts, but his men don’t know. However, she is told that a man named Cain, an informant, knows Gilneo’s whereabouts. Tina goes to Cain and asks him for Gilneo’s whereabouts. However, Cain suddenly attacks her. Tina deals with Cain’s attack brilliantly and subdues him. Cain smiles and says, “I’m sorry, I had to test you. Cain says that his parents were killed by Gilneo, and he has been waiting for someone with the power to defeat Gilneo to appear. Tina asks again where Gilneo is…. But suddenly her vision blurs and she loses strength. Then Gilneo’s men appear. Tina realizes that she has been tricked. But it is already too late! Will Tina be able to escape this predicament and defeat Gilneo?

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