GHMT-21 Mika Kurosaki, Hotaru Mori – Seven Changes of Heroine, Amie, a special agent of the female universe


Amie’s partner has left Earth on a mission and she is left alone on Earth, but there is something bothering her… a mysterious woman who appears when she goes undercover. She appears as a photographer when she is a swimsuit model, a ghost when she is a shrine maiden, a female teacher when she is a female student, a female coach when she is in a gym uniform, and a female doctor when she is a nurse, all of whom torment Amie. Then a female student, Wheat, whom she befriended during her undercover work, investigates rumors of a vampire and goes missing. Amie goes to investigate in the form of a nun, but is nailed to a cross and her blood is sucked. Once she escapes to a space carrier, the woman reveals herself as Paula, a female executive priestess, and captures Amie for questioning. Amie escapes, but Paula uses Wheat as a hostage to lure Amie out, and then plays with her in front of Wheat, who is unable to resist.

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