GHMT-19 Sara Kagami – Invincible Sailor Priest: Healing Reverse Fall – Sailor Priest, a beautiful saint warrior


Noble, innocent, and the strongest of the invincible Sailor Priestesses, her mission is to purify the humans who have been transformed into demons and return them to their original state. With her brilliant tactics and healing power, she transforms the boiling anger and hatred of the demons into a quiet murmur. But finally, the dear Armani Mask was also turned into a demon. Unable to purify it with just her healing kisses, Sailor Priest sucked out the evil spirit along with the semen from Armani Mask’s angry, demonized body with a deep, healing oral technique. Realizing that she was still unable to completely purge the evil spirits, Sailor Priest squeezed the semen and evil spirits out of her with her reverse sexual plunging sex. This causes her to taste a series of orgasms, and she blushes as she ascends… but the cost of the reverse degradation changes her. What is the fate of Sailor Priest?

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