GHMT-16 Nozomi Arimura – Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Ares: The Lewd Masochistic Awakening Project


Sailor Ares was defeated by Gelzebub, the ancient god of destruction, and became the consoler of lower class demons, but she managed to escape using her last strength and was given the power of Super Sailor Ares by Altena, the goddess of war, and resurrected! To protect the world, Ares fights Gerzebub again with her new powers, but a forgotten curse is activated! Whenever he tries to rebel against Gerzebub, all kinds of irritation and intense pain are felt throughout his body! And it’s not only pain… but also pleasure stimuli? However, due to the intrusion of the demon Nemesias, who wants to keep Ares’ beauty to himself, she is taken away to Nemesias’ hideout… Her body, over-sensitive to the stimulation of pleasure, is defiled by Nemesias’ hands, and her love juices gush out! And Ares, unable to endure the tingling of his body, reluctantly accepts the masturbation compulsion and devours the pleasure… with the transformation item given to him by the goddess! The masochist in Ares awakens little by little…

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