GHMT-12 Shiori Kuraki – Magnetic Force Squadron Magnaman – Stained Magna Pink


The evil Gelder’s executives, who hate Magna Pink’s strength and are in love with her beauty, learn that Magna Pink is not good with insects, and send a cockroach monster after her. Aina Momoki, a.k.a. Magna Pink, is afraid but tries her best to transform and fight, but the cockroach monster’s fighting ability is even stronger than Magna Pink’s! Magna Pink The executive, who hates but lusts after Aina Momoki, first sexually subverts Magna Pink in her fully transformed form, and then sexually subverts her even more violently after her mask has disappeared. He ejaculates inside Momoki Aina’s vagina in her untransformed form, giving her the fear of pregnancy, and the cockroach monster also sexually subverts her, causing Momoki Aina to die.

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