GHMT-10 Aika Usagi – Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Aquas ~The Trap of the New Demon Revival Project


One hundred years after the Demon King was sealed away by the ancient Sailor Aquas, the witch Balsa was working on a plan to revive the demon world in the abandoned demon world. She learned that the key to the Demon King’s resurrection was the holy water of a beautiful girl warrior who had been reincarnated as Sailor Aquas. Balsa, who has become the most powerful witch by shooting the magical juice, begins to punish Sailor Aquas, who has fallen into the trap. The reason is that the demon king’s seal can be broken by making the sacrifice drink Sailor Aquas’s holy water…! The demon king is revived when Sailor Aquas’s urine is at its limit and the holy water spurts out like a fountain from her pubic region. The demon king is revived, and he releases 100 years of sexual resentment by degrading Sailor Aquas. Sailor Aquas feels a series of orgasms from the Demon King’s violent sexual assaults, and finally becomes a witch at his behest!

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