GHMT-07 Ema Kuriyama – Giga 25th Anniversary Series 12: Hyper Mummy


Anna Yuuki, a member of the Hyper Guard, has been transformed into a giant warrior Hyper Mummy, protecting the Earth from vicious aliens and monsters. The evil Jibra aliens plan to use a high-energy body identified deep underground to eliminate her in order to conquer the earth. The Hyper Guard team also catches sight of the high-energy body and rushes to the scene. Anna rushes to the scene, but is attacked and captured by the Jibra aliens… Was the high-energy body really Giger, the Emperor of Shame, who was on the verge of a complete revival? Fierce battle in the city! Energy stolen from nipples and groins! Wounded to the bone, Hyper Mummy’s chest symbol flashes red! Stop Giger’s resurrection! Hyper Mummy!

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