GHMT-06 Ai Kawana, Sousuke Azuma – Bishoujo Kamen Aurora Insult Amusement


Aurora, a beautiful masked girl, was fighting demons for the peace and safety of the city. Jaurah, the prince of demons, realizing that he cannot easily defeat Aurora with her sacred power, disguises himself as a human and approaches Aurora, Mitsuka Yashiro, using his pride in his looks to set a love trap for her. Aurora, who is pure and innocent, falls in love with Jaurah, who has impersonated a human. By the time Aurora realized that she had been tricked, it was already too late, and the beautiful masked Aurora had lost her battle against the demons. Jaurah begins to enjoy sexual torture in order to get the secret of the goddess’ power from Aurora. It was a sexually depraved game of lust and humiliation. Aurora, the beautiful masked girl, falls prey to her sexual degradation and is driven mad by a series of orgasms.

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