GHMT-05 Mao Hamasaki, Saku Kurosaki – Female Sisters Executive Heroes Fall Vidal & Kimaris


Vital and Kimaris, two sisters who are female executives of the Bedlam Empire with a plan to conquer the world, plan to take the rival Raiser 3 squadron Raikou Sensou as their prisoners. First, they try to seduce Red, the leader of Riser 3, and take him out when he is caught off guard, but Red is a hard man and sees through the ruse, and Kimaris is taken prisoner. However, Kimaris drops Yellow, his interrogator, with a color trick, and infiltrates the Riser 3 base. Meanwhile, Vital also encounters Blue, who successfully seduces him and takes him captive using his own body. Vital and Chimaris use Blue and Yellow to lure Red into a trap. At last, Vital and Chimaris drop Red, who has an iron will, into the hell of pleasure…

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