GHMT-03 Maria Wakatsuki – The saintly masked guardian of the town’s morals.


Yuriko Saotome, the neighborhood president of Nipporigaoka, transforms herself into the masked saint to fight against the evil that infests the town and protect its morals. One day, Yuriko rescues the owner of a trashy house, Tameo Furumi, from a gang of thugs. Yuriko hopes that he will learn from this and change his attitude, but Furumi stubbornly refuses to remove the trash and refuses to change his confrontational attitude. Then, hearing a rumor that a large sum of money is actually lying in Furumi’s house, the hoodlums plan to break into his house and steal his property, but he disappears. Yuriko transforms into a gardienne and rushes to the scene. What is Furumi’s true identity? Can the gardienne protect the public morals of the town?

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