GHMT-02 Arisu Toyonaka, Hotaru Mori – Legendary female superhero Shannan


A young girl, Rika Koizumi, is saved by the female superhero Shanan when she is attacked by a demon. However, due to the damage she sustained at the time, Shannan gives Rika her power and she dies. Rika, now a new superhero, struggles to defeat the newly appeared demons. Then the witch Zagan appears in front of Rika. Rika is stunned by her appearance. Zagan is the twin sister of Shannan. Zagan and her demons attack Shannan and Rika, who are both upset. Rika is hurt by both of them and is defeated by Zagan’s poisonous saliva, which she repeatedly drinks. Zagan torments Rika relentlessly and tries to force her to give up Shannan’s power. Rika perseveres, but her heart is broken when she is raped by the demon, and she gives up Shanan’s power to Zagan. But Zagan does not forgive Rika, and he savors her body to the fullest.

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