GHMT-01 Ameri Hoshi – Silent Falling Hell Magic Bishoujo Mask Fontaine


If I raise my voice, the people of Kanna-cho will die one by one…! Yuka Sawamura, a beautiful girl who received power from a goddess, transforms into Fontaine and fights demons to protect the peace and safety of the town. However, Shuworn, a ferocious and cunning sound bomb demon, has created a bomb that reacts to Fontaine’s voice, and Fontaine is trapped in the worst situation she has ever been in. If she screams a special move, people will die; if she screams in agony, people will die; if she is sexually subverted by the demon and screams in ecstasy, people will die… But no matter how painful it is or how much she feels, she desperately tries to stifle her voice, but in the end she can’t control it and screams out loud. Fontaine’s heart collapses in remorse, and he becomes physically insane and a servant…

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