GHLS-98 Aoi Mizutani – Electric Shadow Sentai Chargeman: Isolated! Charge Mermaid in a trap


Nanami Aoi, aka Charge Mermaid, fights against Gozua fighters. The Gozua monster Baeron appears in front of her. Nanami transforms into Charge Mermaid and fights, but is exposed to a suspicious mist emitted by Baeron. The Charge Mermaid is unable to fight as well as she would like after being exposed to the mist. Charge Mermaid struggles to fight…. Baeron released a suspicious mist… a mist that severely degraded the functionality of the charge suit! Charge Mermaid is being driven into a corner…. Baelon touches the weakened Charge Mermaid’s body in a disgusting manner…. “No…don’t do that!” Even if she tries to resist, her suit’s function has deteriorated, and she is no match for Baeron’s power…. Will Charge Mermaid be able to defeat the mysterious fog-controlling monster, Baelon?

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