GHLS-94 Wakana Shiroyama – Saint Ninigi Denki Fire Hawk Dance


The Fire Hawk Clan was annihilated by the evil Yōkawa Clan, who abandoned their human identity to acquire magical powers, leaving Mai alone. Mai, now alone on her own, continues her journey to avenge her family’s enemies and finally confronts the Yoki chieftain, Kyoga, but her attacks are all dodged and even her special moves are thrown out of control by a curse! The demon, Kyoka, repeatedly brings Mai to sexual climax and feeds off her energy. Mai’s body feels pleasure while being raped by the hated man who is the enemy of her family…. And then, after transforming into the form of a demon, Mad Fang penetrates Mai with his huge, thick prick and continues to inflict insane humiliation, terror, and pleasure on her! Is there nothing she can do against the demon’s power? What is Mai’s fate?

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