GHLS-93 Miori Hara – Heroine’s Complete Cosmic Downfall: Hoshikai Sentai Kaiser Five – Targeted Kaiser Pink Body


Kaiser Pink receives information on the appearance of the evil organization Bow Jack. Bowjack fighters appear before her. Kaiser Pink transforms and tries to fight, but is caught off guard and her transformation items are stolen. The fighters want Kaiser Pink’s body! The combatants strangle her with their wings and squeeze her breasts. Pink struggles, unable to use her true strength in the face of the lewd torture. The combatants forcibly remove Pink’s underwear, which she is unable to transform into, and take it away from her. Pink writhes under the lewd torture, but she manages to regain her transformation items and transforms. Bow Jack, you must prepare yourself! Kaiser Pink says with dignity. The combatants, however, are grinning and looking at Pink’s chest. What a surprise, there are nipple protrusions poking out through her suit! Pink notices this and hides her breasts with her arms. What are you hiding? Show us more! The combatants tell her disgustedly. Pink, tormented by a sense of shame, fights while hiding her breasts with her arms… What is the fate of Kaiser Pink?

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