GHLS-90 Akari Niimura – Accel Girl: Dark Warrior Revenge


Axel Girl wins a fierce battle against Shiva, who despises people’s lives and plans to destroy the world. Her body has been greatly injured fighting for humanity, but the invading robots of the enemy Northland will not wait for her! And a mysterious man appears before her as she fights to protect the selfish people… That man who overwhelms Axel Girl is Shiva? He was rescued by Northland, and instead of helping the Axelgirl cloning project, he has come for revenge with more power than before! You may pretend to be on the side of justice, but I will remind you that you are just another woman! Shiva’s tyranny and humiliation of Axel Girl causes her to despair, showing her the ugliness of a human being who is not worth protecting…. A battle of physical and mental desperation! Who will win?

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