GHLS-85 Rui Hiduki – Super Heroine Domination Hell 45 Power Woman


Power Woman, with her steel body and super powers, protects the people of Earth from vicious aliens. Dr. G, who wants to create a cyborg that surpasses her power, proposes to Don Drachild, the son of the richest man in the galaxy, to relieve his boredom, and succeeds in developing Power Breaker, a super warrior! He has succeeded in developing a super warrior, Power Breaker, who outperforms Power Woman in speed, power, and armor, and with his overwhelming combat power and equipment, defeats her as she rises to her feet again and again! Dora Child declares to the fleeing Power Woman. If you don’t come out, the city will be pulverized by satellite bombardment! Power Woman is not allowed to run or hide… she is left with no choice but to fight! No matter how hard she is beaten, Power Woman rises to her feet! Somewhere out there, there is always a chance to win!

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