GHLS-84 Misato Nonomiya – Sexy Mask, Tower of Shame


Hiroko Iwasaki is a female teacher at Shuten Academy. She has been fighting against the tyranny of the vice principal to bring back love and freedom to the school, but feeling limited by her position as a teacher, she decides to launch a counterattack as the mysterious savior Sexy Mask. However, the vice principal colludes with Hell Gate, an armed academy, and plans to take control of the school city. He sets a cowardly trap for Sexy Mask and finally restrains him. And when the public execution is about to take place in the tower of shame, the students who are dissatisfied with the school revolt and rescue the Sexy Mask. With their freedom, the students attempt to expose the identity of the Sexy Mask and punish the saviors for their overly sexy crime…

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