GHLS-70 Touka Rinne, Mitsuki Nagisa, Yuha Kiriyama – Kishin Sentai Regenmiller – Death Battle! The tragic final battle of nightmare and despair!


The three heroines of Kishin Sentai Regenmiller confronted and successfully defeated their nemesis, Monzuma, the chief of the Yugosu Empire. But then, eerie tentacles springing from the ground attack Regenmiller. The three fought with their own weapons, but the attacks continued endlessly… White, Blue, and finally Red… The three seemed to have managed to get out of their predicament, even though they were on the verge of death, but then they learned the identity of an unbelievable enemy. But then they learn the identity of an unbelievable enemy, an entity more powerful and fearsome than they had ever imagined.

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