GHLS-69 Akari Niimura – Space Search Mercurios


Space Federation Special Agent Nagase Hikaru, who is transporting a convoy of space criminals, mainly Benon aliens, allows the attackers led by Gedo, an executive of the criminal organization Majak, to invade his convoy! Wearing the Variant Tector developed by his missing father, Hikaru transforms into the Space Special Agent Mercurius and rushes to the control bridge, kicking off the Magyaruk soldiers! However, his armor purges before Gedo’s attack, and Hikaru, unable to exert himself in his inner state, is tainted by Gedo… But waiting for his particle power to recover, he transforms again! He defeats Gedoh, but is defeated by the soldiers because he has entered the jerk field, which increases the power of the Majak more than tenfold, and is raped with his tattered armor…. What awaits Hikaru when he finally reaches his destination, Giras 9…

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