GHLS-67 Rui Hiduki – Sailor Animal – Awakening! Sailor Cat


Hotaruto Tsuchiya, a.k.a. Sailor Grace, finds herself in a tight spot in a battle against a demonic beast that has been enhanced by King Dale, King of the Devil Kingdom, and awakens Sailor Cat, one of the Sailor Animals that had been sealed inside her body, and uses her beast’s power to defeat the beast. However, once awakened, Hotaruto is unable to control Sailor Cat’s strong sexual desire, and when he is molested on a train, his body turns into a beast and he is unable to control his arousal. Kingdale, who aims for immortality by capturing Sailor Cat’s power, uses the beast’s habit against her and makes her lose control of Sailor Cat by continuously giving her sexual pleasure… Pleasure after pleasure after pleasure! A new user-submitted character, Sailor Cat, is born!

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