GHLS-66 Arisu Toyonaka – Minimalist Heroine Near Future Ninja Shinobi Tector Alice


Alice Yukishiro, a beautiful, minimalist girl, was killed by the Dragon Demon Clan, and she makes a living as a bodyguard. Although she is a small girl, she has the blood of a ninja in her veins, and with the help of ninjutsu and a futuristic science suit, she transforms into a “synovi-tector” to defeat the dragon-demon monsters. She is determined to avenge her parents’ deaths and lead her country to peace…but then the giant torture ninja Goth and Mez appear before her. Even her agility is no match for their monstrous strength! The intense battle blows Alice, a sinobitheater, out of her mind, and the lustful chieftain of the Dragon Demon Clan sexually tortures her and makes her fall. She loses her virginity in a series of orgasms against her hated opponent and continues to suffer, and in her frustration, she blushes and screams in agony, and is cast into hell.

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