GHLS-65 Yukina Shida – GIGA 25th Anniversary Series 08: Magic Bishoujo Mask Fontaine


Fontaine/Yuka Sawamura is in a life-threatening crisis… Demons have disappeared and her seemingly peaceful town suddenly comes to a standstill. In the Temple of Darkness, Giger, the Great Emperor of Shame, has finally revealed himself. He was there to enjoy the body of a female warrior for the first time in tens of thousands of years, and to rob Fontaine of the remaining power stone. Dark Pink, another evil female warrior, is also after Fontaine’s power stone. Fontaine is forced to fight against the most powerful evil that once shook this world. As expected, Fontaine is defeated in power and nailed to a cross. She is then sexually tortured in the Temple of Darkness, where her holy power is contained. Giger, the great humiliation emperor, violently penetrates and devours the sacred honey pot for the first time in a long time… and then he crucifies Fontaine on the cross after she runs out of power.

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