GHLS-63 Aoi Mizutani, Hana Kano – Bishonen HERO Braveheart


Rio is a boy born with a strong body and various special abilities. He is a superhero belonging to a new crime-fighting organization called Blue Axis. Braveheart is still fighting evil today. However, there is one thing he cannot stand. It is his costume. It is a high-leg, thin fabric that is completely in the “taste” of Akari Idemitsu, the head of the technical team. For Rio, who has a neutral face, it is a kind of shame play. But the evil one is not concerned, as he appears before BH again today, plotting to invade the earth. Cartouche, a mysterious female monster, newly appears in front of him. She is a complete cunning devil who has no idea what she is trying to do to BH. BH, who has only just become a man and has a conspicuous and baseless confidence, has no choice but to gradually fall into her trap… Cartouche relentlessly squeezes the sperm out of BH, who has never even experienced masturbation. Cartouche was no match for BH, who had never even masturbated before. A ball of light emerges from BH’s heart, which collapses to the floor. Cartouche’s artificial smile as he collects it tells us… get up! Stand up again, Braveheart!

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