GHLS-59 Aine Kagura – Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Serene – Shiver! Sailor Serene of Hell


In the year 202X A.D., Yggdrasil, a demonic tree that has landed on Earth, has taken over most of the Earth’s regions with its evil aura. Sailor Selene/Urala Hoshino and her fellow Sailor Knights have been fighting the enemy, but her lover, Exceed Mask, was taken away and her friends fell one after another. Selene rushes into the enemy’s main camp, Yggdrasil, and fights her nemesis, Necrodia, but before her, Durandal, the Exceed Mask that has fallen into darkness and become her enemy, appears. Serene is accused of handing over the Luminous Gem, the source of Serene’s power, and is humiliated by Necrodia’s order, and also has an unwanted first experience with the Exceed Mask. However, after defeating Necrodea with her new power and purifying the Exceed Mask, Selene heads for the heart of the enemy. However, the tentacle sex organs that await her there bind her and invade her body to plant their seeds, and the endless act of perpetual reproduction begins. ……!

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