GHLS-58 Yuha Kiriyama – Wonder Venus Black Ozam


Kari Minami is an anchor for News Focus, an Internet media company. But her true identity is that of a warrior from the female planet Feminine! And now she is fighting evil as Wonder Venus, the goddess of peace on Augustus. One day, a series of bombings by the Merserkers, a secret society of evil, occur at a chemical factory in the Alpha District. Kori rushes to the scene immediately, but Ozam, the son of the editor-in-chief, who yearns to be a hero, decides to accompany her. After a desperate battle, Ozam defeats the Merserker’s biological weapon, the Geloid, but this leads Ozam to discover Kari’s true identity. Ozamu makes a contract with Merserker, taking with him a pair of underwear soaked in Kari’s bodily fluids, and is transformed into a super Geloid that surpasses even Wonder Venus, becoming the evil hero Black Ozamu. Black Ozam plans to defeat Wonder Venus in order to become the new hero of the Augustus, and to distribute the footage of his defeat all over the world!

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